Sunday, June 17, 2012

in style

last night:

the phototaxies blew my mind - two of their songs were a little over-the-top, but the rest were aurally and emotionally gratifying and somewhat inspirational.

the serious walk there and back was good enough exercise to offset the delicious hot-dog from frank's... and the pastry... although that pastry came back to haunt me a couple of hours later...

... around the same time that i realized that i hadn't stretched enough when we got home because my legs were killing me.

the other thing that bothered me was the re-realization that my eyesight is horribly blurry. i'm not ready to have laser surgery because i'm not certain i won't stuff up my eyesight again through excessive monitor / phone use. when will we have a decent solution for that?!



waking up was only easier because it's the last stupid-early sunday ^_^

passé simple is ironic.

i went to work early, and the day was mostly alright... until the very end, when i finally found a useful package that demonstrates azure's table storage effectively. after a week or two of failed research and unsuccessful sdk installations (why the heck does microsoft make it so complicated to figure out things that they've invested in making really simple?!), i now have a plan of action ^_^

i came home to study french and perform webmaster duties (and play psychout - it's beautiful and addictive, be warned), i went for a good run, ate dinner and am now off to meet urchin and her friend-in-need (dunno what that's about).


i've just been informed that the kid i got paid to coach got 100% in his matriculation exam. i'm very proud.

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