Monday, May 07, 2012

oh, happy day!

so i got my money this morning, began the day with a fun class, and after much head-breaking at work finally got things going. even if i'm not completely sure how.

in addition to this, i received my final grade for the course whose final paper i wasn't proud of. i was certain i'd need to resubmit, but my overall result really doesn't justify it. so i'm two for two!

now i just need to keep it together for the *gasp* five courses i'm currently taking. in all fairness, while it's tough and is loaded with material it doesn't quite make it to as tough and as much reading as last year's five-at-a-time. if i can hold the fort for the next month, i'll have pretty much completed the two year master's in one, not including the four mandatory hours of non-literature studies and a thesis, which i think is going to be a lot more fun than hard work.

oh! also in the good-news department, i have drummed up some enthusiasm for our martial arts group ^_^

i came back early-ish, ate, went shopping with pg, and then ran. properly ran, although i only managed to keep the great pace until the halfway mark. when i slowed down, my lungs got weary and i developed a stitch, and it took me a fair distance (and a couple of walks) before i could get back to something decent. at least overall my time was respectable.

all in all - it was a good day. now to get as much done before midnight, because tomorrow's an early one...

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