Monday, April 02, 2012

a giant, gaseous ball

that kind of ball. could be amusing.

wake-up: stupid early
french: not bad
half an hour on the grass in the sun: social as well as wired
two hours of horrid lacan: frustrating. privating. castrating.
work: wasted, with no time for april 1st pranks
i got the important stuff done, tested, and went home.

after a short, bad nap on an upset stomache, i hurriedly dressed and steeled myself for the wedding (it's the first time we've gone to one on pg's side): the drive was quiet (aside from the boss calling me with a problem unsolvable in my situation), we arrived on time (which turned out to be two and a half hours early - they didn't even have the food out yet), the evening was mostly a lot of fun. it's the same place with the same steak, though, but otherwise the food was excellent.

we drank too much, and i was completely out of it on the drive home (and i was navigator). i'm very, very glad i had the presence of mind to shower before going to bed (in my condition, not doing so would have been excusable but silly), and i hit the bed and was out like a light.

note for the day, in its entirety: my hands are still really, really tough to operate. hitting that wall was a very important return.


i still haven't woken up properly, and have already done some work because my boss sent me an sms along the lines of "when are you coming in? i'm losing money on this". *sigh*

all he had to do was press "restart".

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