Tuesday, February 10, 2009

washing machine whisperer

the landlord just left... when i say "just", what i mean is about fifteen minutes of hurriedly funneling water that was silently leaking. i have now successfully (wonderful!) proven that the machine is most undoubtedly bust.

the who is playing in the background, i'm about to discover them. so far so good :)

today was filled with the obscenely menial and repetitive task of systematically removing warnings from code. i have mastered the weird art of placating a fussy compiler. and then, about half an hour before home-time, i suddenly realized that i'd been working on the wrong code-base. i'm really glad that i had a tool at hand that could transport my fixes...

... because that could've been ugly.

so - the big news: today was voting day. i spent the morning arguing over the importance of foreign policy specifics vs. taking care of business at home. and defending the usefulness of voting for small parties. and praying that, somehow, things will be alright.

it's raining! on the plus side, we really need it and this drizzle hardly makes up for the lack of moisture during a day that was supposed to be stormy. on the minus side, no rollerblading.

fantastic news: i found out where it's possible to take electronic goods for recycling. the not-as-good news is that it can only be taken there mondays through thursdays, between 8am and 3pm. that means that i can only dump my trash if i'm on holiday.
thanks, guys.

in really unfortunate news, due to a bad banking website and a slight miscalculation, i may be in shit for the rest of the month. now i have to take a half-day off to go to the bank because it's impossible to reach them by phone (they do this on purpose, i swear).
maybe i'll sort out the recycling while i'm at it.

zimbabwe as documented in a not-necessarily 100% accurate british encyclopedia - thanks nystire for the link

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