Monday, February 09, 2009

post-wedding haste

cracked ribs: nystire's. apparently i did that during tuesday's violent interlude. i got to watch the video today, they didn't manage to capture him lashing out...

i'm on eco-duty this week, possibly the next, which meant emptying recycle bins and making posters - so much for actual work :P

jerk gave me some very good advice today, changing the direction of the project i was working on before i left. unfortunate that that leaves a bit more bureaucratic stuff to keep me busy, but it's a better solution.

voting: it's driving me nuts that everyone's worried about who to vote for based on foreign policy and nobody gives a damn about the state of our nation, health and welfare and environment and education...

fax shame: i didn't manage to send a fax last week because i wasn't dialling the external line's code. how embarrassing.

compiler lies: it tells me that the build failed and produces vast quantities of warnings when everything's just fine. i've got to figure that shit out, and fast.

i purchased a spanky-looking microphone for use with skype, but i don't have time to play with it just now.

the shuttle was on time, so i had less to stress about concerning the ride to the wedding. while i was hurriedly getting dressed, i got a call back from the hospital. i'm supposed to be undergoing minor surgery and the recovery is apparently long and fairly uncomfortable, but because i'm in the permanent force i'm not eligible for lonely soldier rights - including the right to be taken care of during recovery.
so the commander of the hospital team tried to explain that she cannot guarantee me a place (which means, simply put, that i won't get one) and that whether or not i undergo the surgery in any event is my choice.
no shit. like i'd choose to spend a month gingerly, painfully shuffling to and from the supermarket and wherever else i'd need to go. no thanks, love.

the wedding ceremony was beautiful, seeing everyone was really nice, but the eastern music combined with the worst dance music in the whole world didn't make my night. one of the girls waltzed past: "you look... bored. c'mon! you can enjoy any music!"
not me, girl. not me. and that look of boredom was me determined to fight a grimace and a gag reflex.

i had another long chat with piles, though, which was quite fun.

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