Monday, February 16, 2009

at least it rained a little

i'm irritated: both my flatmates SUCK. and for all the usual reasons. i can't wait to get the hell outta here.

also: i made a really frustrating miscalculation and am now under pressure to pay the real-estate agent. how it slipped my mind that payment was on signing is beyond me.

i woke up tired, and that didn't go away at any point during the day. it didn't help that we had a particularly boring visit and then a long lecture that was filled with interesting content and presented horribly. the amount of work i managed to get done today approached zero.

i was fighting the carcolepsy this morning.

nystire's up to his tricks again. there's a stupid argument over whether he should pay more into the coffee collective because he drinks more than some others - someone made a joke that he found offensive - and instead of giving him a chance he got all bitter. this just happened to be the most vocal person in arguing for him, so i found it a bit ironic.

i performed my recycling duties this morning unfettered by sneakiness, printed out a set of papers but couldn't fax them because i'd left the rest at home *slaps forehead* and suffered multiple last-minutes changes to the section breakfast i've been planning.

tech-support called me up just before home-time to explain to me that the bug i reported with one of their scripts isn't a real problem. i explained to him that it causes me aggravation every time i have to close an error message while i'm trying to do other stuff, and he just didn't get it.

he asked me if i call microsoft every time a program crashes. i told him that i would have if i'd thought it might make a difference, but instead i just moved to linux. and that was the end of the argument.

it's raining, and both my umbrellas are bust.

copying and faxing is unpleasantly expensive, and i'd rather handle it all tomorrow morning in the office than give the shifty dude all my originals.

i just ran into my cousin in the supermarket, it turns out we're neighbours again.

tomorrow we're suffering the peer-review. i hate the peer-review.

"i never rains but it pours" - i taught my TL another useful expression today.

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