Monday, January 12, 2009

the water's fine!

it was a beautiful beach day and the water was so nice it was hard to get out!
i spent the afternoon ogling one of my sister's buddies' woman - too fine an ass not to stare...
the waterline was high so we did some rock climbing and then took many stairs to get to protoplasm's car, so that was the exercise taken care of. we drove to la med for sundowner's and to hear goldfish, who are awesome.

pity there were too many - as protoplasm puts it - jocks. didn't dig the vibe too much.

protoplasm's really excited about the girl from saturday night, and i quoted to him on the way: "love like you've never been burned". the only issue with this girl is that his ex is all pissed off after a sleazy friend of hers alerted her to the new goings-on and we think he deserves a solid thumping.

we went to call-a-pizza, ate great pizza and obtained the best of nagual album - protoplasm has informed me that my copy of shamanarchy went his way when i left the country, so that makes three albums of a group that doesn't produce them anymore. sweet!

no internet, in fact these are the first minutes of access and my mother and i were not impressed yesterday :(
and i can't even use my pda because the wireless is up to shit. suck.

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