Friday, January 23, 2009

a positive exit

i've had too much to drink - again. at least this time i saw the girl who went with us from mavericks and didn't do anything i'd regret.

i spent the day resting. in the evening protoplasm arrived to share his music stash, after that my mum and i went to visit my aunt and cousins and share an incredible view.

movie night was great - i haven't had so much fun watching a movie in years! we saw the mutant chronicles, which was cool but bad enough to provide a lot of mst3k amusement :)

i am disappointed that dirk diggler wasn't answering his phone, but hyperviper did make it to the insectified party and i'd been worried that i wouldn't get a chance to say goodbye.

the party was freakin' AWESOME, crazy music and a good crowd - so nice to leave on a high note!

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