Thursday, January 22, 2009

have i come down with something?

yesterday didn't flow so well - i was exhausted. i watched metropolis (gorgeous and interesting!), and completed season 1 of the big bang theory.

my mother has agreed to switch cameras with me - her camera takes higher quality photos, has a microphone and a 4gb memory card. sweet!

dinner was really nice, and quite amusing (specifically shadowslight's mum trying to convince me to marry for money), and the pub in woodstock afterwards with protoplasm and his sister was great even though the subject matter was a bit dark.

his new girl is now an old girl and it's for a similar reason to why i have so much difficulty meeting women in my present situation. you can't get a chance without hiding stuff, and once you've hidden something long-term ceases to be on the cards :S

we went to roots, where the music was great and the crowd not bad at all - but i was much more tired than i thought, remembering that i hadn't been feeling good all day. i'm still not at 100%.

i can't believe i'm leaving tomorrow - the month has flown by... as usual... and i can't believe i'm going to be snowboarding soon!

to be read and passed on
no more unwitting comedian

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