Sunday, December 11, 2016

that wasn't a vacation!

monday 5th:

mr smear waking up sick and asthmatic, starting the day with a doctor's visit, then hurrying to get all the preschool enrollment documents ready and dropping them off just in time in spite of a detour to tell the pharmacy manager that she's unprofessional and malicious after she continued to harass gd under the pretense of concern for our son's well-being; we've put in a complaint and we'll take it further as soon as we've heard from her employer

how surreal to enroll my child in my old school??
resting with mr smear on my chest for an hour and a half on a hot afternoon, my mom coming over so i could go to the department of home affairs to pick up a form, a pause in the day (including a good talk with a coworker), walking to my mom's with mr smear to sort out her printer and not find some stuff i was hoping i'd left there, then just getting started on our evening walk when i was called to rescue shadowslight... mr smear crying all the way to the car, then passing out before we got home; 3% for a bit then prepping mr smear for bed then two hours struggling to get him to sleep because his cough combined with his meds wasn't very soothing

tuesday 6th:

a nightmare for the whole family, impossible to get mr smear to bed and all of us on a minimum of sleep, his refusal to eat and oh! happy sixteen months!

the new copy of tekken 6 arrived, at least, and it worked so perhaps the faulty one i returned was due to a regional / format issue after all...

department of home affairs: really? i have to pay four separate times because i want four copies of a document? holding copies of mr smear's south african birth certificate felt incredible

running after mr smear's nose until late, with a lunch mission to knead - running into sandman's sister and learning why he's been off the map - getting proper shopping done but all three of us leaving wiped out; watching 3% while mr smear took his first nap of the day (aside from the dubbing, it's a really good show), then shower and dinner time and starting to come down with whatever mr smear had been going through

a little bit of tekken before going to bed early,

wednesday 7th:

sleeping most of the night and waking up early, too restless to sleep even though reading made my eyes shut... tekken and suicide squad (why did everyone give it bad reviews? we enjoyed it) and mom's quick visit and mr smear's recovery nap (3.5 hours!) and trying not to feel guilty about *really* taking a day off to recuperate

the first episode of fleabag

thursday 8th:

pilates and therapy, then using mr smear's nap to watch four episodes of fleabag
a pleasant evening's walk turning ugly, the final episode of fleabag, going to bed early

fleabag: very adult themes, be warned, but amazing writing and acting. gd thinks it's one of the smartest comedy shows ever written, and i'm inclined to agree.

friday 9th:

dreaming of fleabag theories and getting stuck in israel for a week

finally editing copy, struggling to get to the bank, a long time repeating the phone story in person (although it was encouraging to get some support from the teller), a positive telkom story, a quick break then a waterfront mission (tourist season is OPEN)
mr smear in his new harness running over to a newborn whose father told us the story of his brother who'd bought a harness for his quick toddler: the boy walked alongside them across the mall's parking lot but the moment they were inside the kid dropped onto all fours and began barking like a dog

the sound of concrete meeting mr smear's head (he wasn't cooperating when i tried to put him in the car and i didn't notice that the roof wasn't even); damaged flowers (still thinking about the concrete) and training day at the ice cream parlour with a broken freezer

canned ****ing mandarins, running into my mom at the supermarket

home to a lengthy resolution, preparing for dinner, forgetting the ice cream at home, reporting a dog locked in a car, needing a drink, a mostly pleasant dinner but lots of chasing mr smear and stress and leaving in a hurry, finishing a half-kilo tub of ice cream while watching 3% then going to bed

saturday 10th:

lying in for a while, then waking up to an alert that the money transfer i waited too long for had been reversed

slow morning with a dash or two of tekken, taking forever to get going and then arriving at the waterfront to find all the roads closed because of the "sevens" rugby games
a very spicy cape plate and gluttony over vegan cake
stopping in at my mom's and calling my canadian bank for 45 minutes of incompetence and then five minutes with a helpful manager who's sorted out what appears to be a good fix

mr smear reading the instruction manual

home, prepping for bedtime, the first and last attempt to get mr smear to sleep by himself until he's old enough to converse
a disappointing meal and a disappointing episode of 3%, an excellent couple of hours in ffix followed by

sunday 11th:

getting my pre-campaign site functional and looking pretty good, and now i'm ready for bed and i hope i've managed to reset my internal clock to fit my work schedule...

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