Tuesday, December 27, 2016


public service announcement: i've been trying to find out about the dangers of fluoride. after lots and lots of scientific-sounding articles that make general jack d. ripper's musings in dr strangelove sound entirely clearheaded and rational, i finally came across http://skepdic.com/fluoridation. okay! things makes a lot more sense now.

for interested capetonian parents: http://www.health24.com/Medical/Oral-health/Dental-care/Fluoride-to-supplement-or-not-20120721.
so far, the only fluoride-free kid's toothpaste we've found is the locally produced - and vegan - https://www.purebeginnings.co.za/shop/organic-baby/berry-toothpaste-with-xylitol-75ml/ and it's really good!

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