Saturday, April 30, 2016


sunday 24th:

the game mission, in canal walk no men are allowed to change babies, serious climbing boy, the long way to the golf course with a dirty, hungry mr smear, settling at home, the nap, getting caught eating gd's leftovers from plant, the shower

monday 25th:

everyone oversleeping. the internet fault was mine! before telkom really broke it. mr smear's ups and downs. good work, an interesting chat with a recruiter who's pushing remote work. putting the table together backwards. adventure time and call-a-pizza.

tuesday 26th:

breakdown call wakeup. locating the clutch and learning the golf door trick. hating telkom even harder than usual. an easy drive, an easy morning, a long meeting and a big stew lunch upgrade from plant - sinus-clearing spicy beans and rice, well-hung pregnant sea horses in the invisible fish tank, telkom escalation to nowhere, finding stuff to do between sprints, being forced onto de waal drive on my way to the paediatrician, catching up while waiting for my family to navigate the mariah carey traffic, pharmacists and chemo patients and nutrition skepticism, quick shopping, another netless night with adventure time and super meat boy followed by a great night's sleep

wednesday 27th:

freedom day: borrowing drills and switching car seats, custom smoothies in another great knead experience, missed acupuncture, the gift run and some manly hammering, drilling fail, tinned mushroom fail

falling asleep early

thursday 28th:

a decent night's sleep in spite of my sinuses, a standard morning broken by an emergency egg run, shouting at telkom, arriving at the office in time for a long meeting that i wasn't really feeling a part of and accidentally letting everyone know by turning the audio on when it was my turn to say something

small victories on my second last day

too many fruit rolls

leaving in the rain

friday 29th:

freezing night with lots of waking

telkom opening at 9am, not 8am, so rushing out of a warm bed for nothing, the sudden onset of the internets (to be followed a full day later by an sms informing me of their success)

the successful plant baked goods, the lesson in not discussing epigenetics with parents who've tried sleep training, a great graphic novel lunch with an old CLAWs friend (who still has my old 2000AD collection)

the final hours, wiping my macbook and saying goodbye, walking out feeling good

a nice little friday night dinner at our place, getting an early start on next week with SxS

saturday 30th:

a more disciplined night, with two wakeup-and-go-back-to-sleeps and one feed, waking up early in the morning for a slow, pleasant start to the day. i feel good about the week went.

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