Monday, March 07, 2016

the present

i can't even... but i'm going to try anyway.

the last few months have been really tough, and the last couple of weeks in montreal were simply crazy and i'm not entirely sure that i know what was happening. travelling 30+ hours with a small child and as much of our lives as we could carry on our backs was almost as hard emotionally as it was gruelling physically

but no matter how exhausted we are, how jetlagged we are or how much we have yet to get done, this past couple of days have been such an incredible relief i can't even describe it. being here with so much family and friends close by, watching my mom playing on the floor with my son, sleeping to the sound of the ocean and being able to take our boy out in his stroller for the very first time, knowing that we're home and that we don't have to go anywhere anytime soon is absolutely magical.

sixteen years and one month ago i finished college in the exact offices (seriously!) that i just started my first day of work in today.

mind blown. heart full. i think i'm starting to realize where i am.

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