Sunday, September 27, 2015

delayed linkage

first: do you have an iphone or ipad? do you have unlimited data? if not, read this now!

i've become a fan of barry schwartz: the way we think about work is broken and our loss of wisdom are inspirational.

just as important to see: everything you know about addiction is wrong.

on a related note: john oliver is being recognized as a hero.

oh, and if you think you're so smart - you might not be. and vice versa :P

vw cheating epa?! i don't know if those penalties are big enough. at least some companies are moving in the right direction.

here's an interesting article against industrial farming. on the other side of this, this old article contains some good news for animals in quebec!

capturing light almost at lightspeed? whoa!

the responses to swine/11 killed me.

the only good news after the AIDS drug price hike is that anonymous hackers leaked his phone number and address.

sharks attacks vs selfie deaths
: damn, world.

ad-blocking irony is delicious.

i don't know if the hyperloop can follow through on such big claims, but it would certainly be a huge improvement! i hope they're planning on installing underground intercontinental lines.

yeast mimicking marijuana? how curious.

i'm no longer a fan of banksy due to his political irresponsibility, but his cinderella piece is marvelous.

if the republicans could stop their anti-obama-at-all-costs bullshit for two seconds, the world would be a safer place.

a gopro going to space is beautiful.

robin williams' daughter's post on depression is beautiful.

i'm not sure how i feel about parents snooping on their kids, but if they are going to do it (instead of investing time in raising them well) then they're going to need to be ahead of the tech curve...

scott kurtz makes a couple of good points against facebook.

canada's finally updated their vitamin d guidelines! well done, canada.

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