Monday, August 24, 2015

lactation consultation


a day full of poop, a long, hot, frustrating shopping walk, not getting much rest, sterilizing equipment and learning too late that i'd bought the wrong tubing*, a visit from horseman, dinner and junk food and rls

this morning so far:

1am feeding waking up feeling horrible for the third day in a row
4/5am waking up to gd's feeding frustrations and desperately researching latch issues with medela nipples: i finally came across and it's now abundantly clear that all of these companies are a bunch of liars taking advantage of parents with no solid resources**. the lactation consultant's "shangri-la nipple" (as gd put it) doesn't seem to be available anywhere, either.
fortunately, gd's brother bought us the playtex one recommended by the article and the medela bottles won't be a waste because we need them for pumping...

* hating medela so much right now
** and actually managing to hate them even more

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