Sunday, August 23, 2015

fun stuff

it's hard to keep track of what day it is, but at least i can still tag things i find interesting.

should *you* go solar?

a hands-free umbrella!

an hysterically on-point portrayal of dumbledore's shortcomings.

robot battles? my money's on japan.

a book to put him to sleep quickly? we're investing.

"soylent is poison" is not good marketing, guys. as exciting as soylent is, it's intended to replace all our meals. if they're sourcing ingredients with high levels of lead and cadmium, that's a serious bug.

maybe tablets weren't the best option for the ten commandments.

shade balls? amaze-balls. but if you wanted to deal with the water shortage, how about promoting plant-based diets? i'm mesmerized by how much difference that appears to be making. [although looking at the relevant wikipedia article, i'm left a little confused. feel free to help clarify.]

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