Monday, June 08, 2015

headaches and peeves

another exhausting week. emotions and hayfever are not a great combination...


dinner, comics, bed... but sleeping horribly, between rls and long, lucid nightmares
a late morning, an incredibly cold june morning
taking forever to log my previous week's hours, a long day full of meetings, getting a little too excited during one of them, someone else farting loudly just as i started talking, leaving late


a very strange superhero dream, during which i went back to 2010 and participated in defacing neil gaiman's hotel room, i was caught by my handwriting and humiliated

code clean-up (mostly others' legacy shit), integrating hac into our emergency project, small wins, a decent run

urban farming and composting, cooking tensions, good news from tokyo, deleting ezpzrpg on grounds that it's generated obsessive behaviour, sandman and house


a pretty good night for the first time in a week, good breakfast, decent weather
forgetting my wraps again, picking up shitty walmart ones on my way to work
a full day of post-review fixes, a good first team meeting
just after my backend "master" left i learned that he broke everything, leaving me intensely frustrated by incomprehensible errors after everything had been working beautifully
everything coming to a grinding halt at the end of the day as our lack of progress on the git-process front came to bite us in the ass
clearly expressing my lack of faith in my now-ex manager (nem) before leaving for boxing
a great class, tough but fun and ending hard but feeling good
Getting Stuff Done


tough awakening, re-postponing laser treatment (how am i tanned??), arguing with vfmp, grateful for cash back from the dep to pay the cleaning lady, her making sure gd's resting

git stabilization, QA strategizing and a  looong afternoon of painstakingly hand-copying an enormous quantity of code into a new branch

walking up the gym stairs, feeling wiped out and walking right back down again

vfmp positive update, working on my new system, headaches and exhaustion and no sponges and dinner, sandman, rough getting to bed


i need to tone down my contempt when speaking to nem (see previous post)
completing the hand-copy, handling bureaucracy, finishing the day positively but positively exhausted.
getting to the gym only to realize i'd forgotten my shoes again, talking to my mom while she was writing my second mom's eulogy, running and bags and teaching my shadowrun partner boxing, almost losing my nabu x, greasy fries on the way to the metro
our landlord finally coming through for us, take out and dogsitting
sense8 is very good, lgbt but not intrusively so, seems like a great metaphor for the powers the internet has bestowed on us


a good night's sleep
temporary fridge fix, high tone, spotify's remote functionality very annoying when you're trying to use it in two places at once
play ar is very cool, but awkward in an orthopaedic office.
all day sense8


midnight snacking and cramps, weird, unpleasant dreams and early morning frustrations
the fridge finally sliding into place felt like a metaphor for the day
home center (twice :S), snob coffee, dollarama and shopping
abe's odyssey, too distracted to code or read, the joys of pregnancy (from hormones to feeling my son's head and back through gd's belly), and back to sense8

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