Friday, May 15, 2015

winning uphill battles


i was even exhausted when waking up late. it was a good morning and it was great having a chance to skype with dirk diggler (and introduce him to gd, finally), we had a great lunch with our son's godmother and a wonderful afternoon nap.

then we went shopping and the evening turned wet and unpleasant.


still raining. very comfortable when actually in bed, rather annoying when not. you know what i love about the rain?


i mean, in theory i think rain is the best thing ever, but in practice i don't want the stuff anywhere near me. "i'm only happy after the rain..."

a little bit of work, a lot of firefighting, my no-longer-ex-manager gifting me a nabu x (wtf???), a tedious but ultimately successful* shadowrun scene

* in the sense that we completed the scene, the protagonists were utterly unsuccessful but they at least survived

the brain strain of watching robin williams' last movie knowing that he committed suicide afterwards


a calm morning lying in, good breakfast start and stepping out into a surprisingly warm, wonderful day wearing a ski jacket

the nabu x software sucks.

firing day, tricky unlimited sick day policy, working harder and only somewhat smart; a good lunch run but almost leaving my shoes at the gym, working late, a delicious dinner and a pleasant dog walk, awesome poetry and mst3k


the nabu x lies about my sleep patterns
dragging myself out of bed and hurrying to get to aubut before going to work but they didn't have what i wanted and gd wasn't answering her phone (in retrospect i'm glad i didn't take anything instead)

super mario in the men's room
build automation win
hurried lunch, winning a code review
my main project: i may not be working on it nearly as much as i should be, but my manager was pleased with my report and valued my response when he posed a potential problem
fighting fires: nobody's fault, but when i suggested a possible solution to the IT expert he agreed, so i scored myself more work. it's really fun, interesting stuff, it just doesn't fit my schedule...

workflow fix surprise: something i asked for two months ago was pushed through a month ago... only nobody published the info anywhere! everyone's super-excited now that we know
great boxing, solidly finishing the final cardio; watching a little sparring, running into the office to pick up my sweater and ending up returning home with our office d&d crew.

walking in to an unhappy gd; getting back on track and her making a fantastic dinner, talking until late and then doing the garbage day thing before bed


early up to draw cash and pick up non-existent items (again) from aubut under a burning sun

nabu x: manually setting sleep mode helped but the data's not providing much insight other than a rough approximation as to how many hours i was in bed. steps-wise, the data is interesting but not really helpful to me because i'm pretty active anyway. so far, the biggest reason for wearing this thing is the vibrating alert when i don't hear or feel my phone. that's awesome.

guilt is not the best "goodbye, have a great day" emotion; trying to avoid the sun and being late for work but getting stuck in the metro and having to walk without shade (no buses or taxies) from plamondon

starting the day with a great IT meeting - including offloading that extra work, seeing hac through his tasks, going to pushap alone was refreshing

learning our pm's limitations when trying to explain a joke to him, spending the afternoon doing what i was supposed to (my primary task) and thoroughly enjoying myself

solid kickboxing, quickly chatting with my mother before returning home to shop

bug overreaction
van hellsing new and improved but occasionally interrupted by funimation's app being kinda shitty

this morning:

it's like my alarm - and its subsequent snoozes - is punishment for me being so perfectly comfortable. a good breakfast and a little french while discussing body image and mental illness misconceptions.

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