Monday, May 04, 2015

slamming weekend

friday night:

shabbat candles, pharmacy walk in weather warm enough for just a shirt, quicksalad in front of bubblegum crisis: tokyo 2040 and passing out by the third episode, waking up to painful rls


awfully tedious dreams, ending with a truck driver almost killing me and ru55 and a half an hour on the phone with 911

a day full of taxes, a beautiful, summer's day full of taxes and capped off with an iced coffee that turned out to be a mistake of coagulated almond milk

gd's gym buddy, heavy shopping, cleaning up and making dinner, one piece dubbed isn't quite as good

la belle verte is conceptually brilliant. have i never seen the beginning of strange days, or is the version on netflix the director's cut?


sleeping in, long breakfast coffee and failing with google play music sync and to help gd with her taxes, not-so-quick dollarama mission and meeting friends for a hot, sunny walk and silly-expensive pizza (or beer and salad, in my case).

back home for a fantastically good but short rest, then off to the throw collective's finals.

1. my performance as sacrifice was appreciated, and i enjoyed myself in spite of my nerves
2. overall excellent quality, and the collective is sending a really strong team to the cfsw this year
3. the feature (queen ka?) was kinda lame, but her backup musicians were brilliant
4. a long walk for greasy fries and gross toilets


1.30am, aaaand late to bed.

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