Sunday, May 31, 2015


i'm not a fan of wine, but i am interested in the economics of wine.

speaking of which, marijuana branding. it's high time we get off this "keep off the grass" bullshit.

this is a great video about body image. having said that, it's important not to go to the opposite extreme. for the first time in history we have access to good data about nutrition and everybody's still stuck on fad diets or whatever marketing ploys the various industry players can get away with. the fact that we're in a period of great abundance and incredibly efficient farming techniques and we still prefer feeding ourselves in ways that make us sick is shameful. it fascinates me that people are so much more interested in what they look like or how much pleasure they derive than in how they care for their insides.

energy news:

records are being broken in solar flight; hopefully that'll become a thing soon.

this video from phinergy is two years old, but aside from this i've never heard of them. i hope they're making progress!

micro homes? or advanced camping?

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