Wednesday, May 20, 2015

close calls

giving friendly tech support one day late - explaining to gd that helping fix windows problems is not what i do...
unsafe plugs: my laptop's previous owner had taped the broken cable in the stupidest way and i was lucky that this morning's sparks were all that happened
surprisingly great feedback, setting comic lunch dates
good QA analysis, ez pz rpg advancement surprise (i seem to be doing better than the others)
running for *almost* an hour, but overheating and becoming uncomfortable and feeling like time had slowed down
finishing a feel-good fix to clean up our codebase
advising sasquatch on quitting smoking and one of our QA team on nutrition
almost getting run over for misunderstanding the road works and it would have been entirely my fault, the shock and shame were overwhelming, especially considering we have a baby on the way
having to buy a new laptop charger because the universal cable broke and nobody sells those
rescuing the homeless guy from klapvoet the metro driver

wedding bands arrived!

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