Saturday, May 02, 2015

breaking on through


slotting a well-timed joke into our stand-up meeting ("spring is here! i got so excited i wet my plants...")
getting shit done at a great pace, good cthulu fluxx lunch break, cleaning up the git messes
a strangely spring 19 degrees!
birth certificate excitement
fantastic dinner
gd reading french harry potter to me after dinner, going to bed early


tough getting up, a busy morning (in particular, sending a promised email update to a potential employer to tell him that i'm happy where i am - i found that tough to write), stepping out into spring feeling ready for boxing and awkwardly anticipating the shit-hitting-the-fan meeting i had just received an invitation to...

... the fan was hit surprisingly gently, it was a day of small victories, lots of positivity. my ex-manager-now-coworker asking me for help before i left...

boxing: badger in charge, hard work, shaking hands while giving the beginners some tips on the way out; feeling tired but *smoothly* so, relaxed and good.


trying to sleep in and being woken by our cleaning lady, helpful marriage and tax advice
a gorgeous day, but mostly spent on emergencies and a broken vm... a surprisingly well-received presentation on comments, an exhausting discussion on bureaucracy after a huge, delicious pushap lunch, learning that my no-longer-manager is leaving the team soon, onboarding hac and another guy from my previous team, small successes and planning midday boxing drills with a coworker i ran into in the gym on wednesday.

kickboxing hard and good, but with a post-pushap bloated belly. ropes are *tough*, man...
great class finish, boxing coach advice and good talks with my first yoga instructor and mti

great dinner, and winding down 


irritable morning, vfmp's boyfriend finding my tax code, paypal fails and realizing i'd left my gloves at the gym (luckily they were picked up by the guy on night shift, the day manager was stoked that i'd had the decency to be worried that i'd left them dirty gym gear too)
getting ready for open mic on sunday
pressured morning of doing... not much? getting all lead-y?

running and pad work with a coworker and again feeling flush with exercise, a hot shower in the middle of a gorgeous day and bringing good vibes back with me into the office 

meetings and bureaucracy and knowledge transfers and OMFG THE WHOLE POINT OF HAVING A DOOMSDAY DEVICE IS LETTING EVERYONE KNOW THAT YOU HAVE IT. my now ex-manager is a total asshole, and that's becoming clearer every hour.

leaving late-ish but feeling super-positive, forgetting lunch in the fridge again, random tristar guy recognizing me in the street, p.m. stop on the way home to taxes

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