Sunday, May 31, 2015

a very long week

LAST saturday:

super sleeper
support-hose horror
introducing gd to ungrip

wired magazine doesn't officially have a PC offering, but if you receive a link to an article from their tablet offering and you have an account you can log in and read the whole issue. the experience is great, just like on the tablet. i think it's plain wrong of them not to treat it as a legitimate viewing source and just give us a login page.

a long mission to get the wrong hose.
the forgotten microphone gaining me the time to rest that i needed to complete our recording
a great session but running very late, gd's harmonious input right on the second try
gd's ex crossing a line
bitten, star trek tng

LAST sunday:

dreaming: crossing the small sea on the back of a missile, meeting up with tourists in israel and trying to get them into the techno scene

learning about the squatty potty, ordering one first thing
minecraft on the ps3, fun, but rapidly developing motion sickness
a long lunch at midi 6
too much sun!
relaxing with dishes
learning about compost montreal, signing up. just signed up again because they still haven't contacted me :/
suffering cat pee smells
more bitten, and it's rather good
passing out to agents of s.h.i.e.l.d.


dreaming of trains being upgraded while running to prevent smuggling, needing to perform acrobatics to switch lines and getting stopped on suspicion when all i had were boots stuffed with dirty socks

feeling good getting out of bed, some french lessons and learning how to exchange our wedding rings
rushing out late after showering and mysteriously cutting myself

a shitty, wet day getting a small amount of work done, being crapped on for giving estimates that were accurate until my managers threw spanners into the works, losing half the day to bureaucracy and leaving late and with a headache to waltz around walmart for far too long to get two simple things

the new HR policy at work: enforcing an hour's break each day. brilliant. :/

headaches and head massages, mom's shitty news before bed


up early to return goods before work
good news from my mom that stems from the bad
the *fun* pharmacy experience with an ignorant french-only cow and a manager who could somehow understand me better than gd when we were saying the same thing

a long day in the office with a good break for a forty-five minute run, most of the day spent struggling but actually making progress, getting my junior on track to empowerment and setting things up to get assistance in the morning... but now i have to make an effort to match my two core devs who come in early every day

stumbling out at eight into a pleasant evening but darkened by gd's distress over a neighbour's child's screaming.

our wedding* date is set!

* well, official marriage, at least. we will be celebrating by going to the montreal comic-con immediately afterwards, if that counts :P

hot weather, great dinner, relaxing evening cleaning up, watching louis ck being amazing in hilarious


and somehow getting less than four hours' sleep before getting up early for an incredibly important day

belaying upside down gear enthusiasm: the bed prism glasses are not designed for belaying, but if you wear them upside down they're comfortable enough. everyone who walked past my desk felt compelled to try them on, play around with them, and then promptly order their own. some for climbing, some for playing with their handhelds or reading. some even for watching tv.

during the afternoon learning of my second mom's passing and holding back the enormous wave of grief in order to get the job done

leaving work after 11.5 hours with a "pretty much complete" status

no appetite, gd just letting me ramble


up kind-of early to pick up our squatty potty, a laptop charger and a furinno adjustable vented laptop table (so gd can do stuff with her feet up), talking to my mom on the way
metro mourning poetry:
starting the day with stunning praise from both my managers
the intention to work on documents and not code, but coding until late
recycling support from my team
a long day for small fixes, uncovering my strong backend's weaknesses and understanding that i have a lot to teach these guys
accepting my now-ex manager's assistance on documentation and learning just how limited he is

how does a team that works with large amounts of money not KNOW if their numbers are all adding up???

a rough bellyache, leaving late
only one day with the squatty potty and we're both feeling the win
too late for dinner, a short talk with godmother, an early night


waking up in the middle of the night thinking of that one tiny detail that i missed and glad that i thought of it before delivering to QA

waking up early to beautiful weather and feeling refreshed, quick french and missioning to dollarama before work
there's something particularly destabilizing about crying on the metro
rushing out at noon leaving some unfinished business
a good chat with my mom (who had a super-weird day)
calling the police on our neighbours (sounds like child abuse)
spilling orange juice in the fridge
hospital run
louis c.k.'s hilarious made me laugh till it hurt
passing out hard, a quick mission for ventolin and fudgee-os, house


waking up early to sing to my mom, discussing pregnancy photo shoot concepts
local printers closed, anticipated "green bars" date-based and with berries (so no), quick printing and realizing that i need a separate email account for public access, liquid nutrition's "nutty" meal-in-a-cup is delicious

infuriated by the t-shirt "PETA - people for the eating of tasty animals: there's room for all god's creatures right next to my mashed potatoes". a shirt that might as well say "proud asshole". i'm angered by willful ignorance. i'm considering making a response shirt that says "slavery is awesome: this message brought to you by the meat and dairy industries".

explaining the planck length to gd: "if big cars are compensation for small genitalia, it follows that the desire to rule the universe would stem from a planck-length penis."

shopping, returning the crappy universal charger and investing in a ninja professional blender. an afternoon and evening resting.

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