Sunday, May 31, 2015

a very long week

LAST saturday:

super sleeper
support-hose horror
introducing gd to ungrip

wired magazine doesn't officially have a PC offering, but if you receive a link to an article from their tablet offering and you have an account you can log in and read the whole issue. the experience is great, just like on the tablet. i think it's plain wrong of them not to treat it as a legitimate viewing source and just give us a login page.

a long mission to get the wrong hose.
the forgotten microphone gaining me the time to rest that i needed to complete our recording
a great session but running very late, gd's harmonious input right on the second try
gd's ex crossing a line
bitten, star trek tng

LAST sunday:

dreaming: crossing the small sea on the back of a missile, meeting up with tourists in israel and trying to get them into the techno scene

learning about the squatty potty, ordering one first thing
minecraft on the ps3, fun, but rapidly developing motion sickness
a long lunch at midi 6
too much sun!
relaxing with dishes
learning about compost montreal, signing up. just signed up again because they still haven't contacted me :/
suffering cat pee smells
more bitten, and it's rather good
passing out to agents of s.h.i.e.l.d.


dreaming of trains being upgraded while running to prevent smuggling, needing to perform acrobatics to switch lines and getting stopped on suspicion when all i had were boots stuffed with dirty socks

feeling good getting out of bed, some french lessons and learning how to exchange our wedding rings
rushing out late after showering and mysteriously cutting myself

a shitty, wet day getting a small amount of work done, being crapped on for giving estimates that were accurate until my managers threw spanners into the works, losing half the day to bureaucracy and leaving late and with a headache to waltz around walmart for far too long to get two simple things

the new HR policy at work: enforcing an hour's break each day. brilliant. :/

headaches and head massages, mom's shitty news before bed


up early to return goods before work
good news from my mom that stems from the bad
the *fun* pharmacy experience with an ignorant french-only cow and a manager who could somehow understand me better than gd when we were saying the same thing

a long day in the office with a good break for a forty-five minute run, most of the day spent struggling but actually making progress, getting my junior on track to empowerment and setting things up to get assistance in the morning... but now i have to make an effort to match my two core devs who come in early every day

stumbling out at eight into a pleasant evening but darkened by gd's distress over a neighbour's child's screaming.

our wedding* date is set!

* well, official marriage, at least. we will be celebrating by going to the montreal comic-con immediately afterwards, if that counts :P

hot weather, great dinner, relaxing evening cleaning up, watching louis ck being amazing in hilarious


and somehow getting less than four hours' sleep before getting up early for an incredibly important day

belaying upside down gear enthusiasm: the bed prism glasses are not designed for belaying, but if you wear them upside down they're comfortable enough. everyone who walked past my desk felt compelled to try them on, play around with them, and then promptly order their own. some for climbing, some for playing with their handhelds or reading. some even for watching tv.

during the afternoon learning of my second mom's passing and holding back the enormous wave of grief in order to get the job done

leaving work after 11.5 hours with a "pretty much complete" status

no appetite, gd just letting me ramble


up kind-of early to pick up our squatty potty, a laptop charger and a furinno adjustable vented laptop table (so gd can do stuff with her feet up), talking to my mom on the way
metro mourning poetry:
starting the day with stunning praise from both my managers
the intention to work on documents and not code, but coding until late
recycling support from my team
a long day for small fixes, uncovering my strong backend's weaknesses and understanding that i have a lot to teach these guys
accepting my now-ex manager's assistance on documentation and learning just how limited he is

how does a team that works with large amounts of money not KNOW if their numbers are all adding up???

a rough bellyache, leaving late
only one day with the squatty potty and we're both feeling the win
too late for dinner, a short talk with godmother, an early night


waking up in the middle of the night thinking of that one tiny detail that i missed and glad that i thought of it before delivering to QA

waking up early to beautiful weather and feeling refreshed, quick french and missioning to dollarama before work
there's something particularly destabilizing about crying on the metro
rushing out at noon leaving some unfinished business
a good chat with my mom (who had a super-weird day)
calling the police on our neighbours (sounds like child abuse)
spilling orange juice in the fridge
hospital run
louis c.k.'s hilarious made me laugh till it hurt
passing out hard, a quick mission for ventolin and fudgee-os, house


waking up early to sing to my mom, discussing pregnancy photo shoot concepts
local printers closed, anticipated "green bars" date-based and with berries (so no), quick printing and realizing that i need a separate email account for public access, liquid nutrition's "nutty" meal-in-a-cup is delicious

infuriated by the t-shirt "PETA - people for the eating of tasty animals: there's room for all god's creatures right next to my mashed potatoes". a shirt that might as well say "proud asshole". i'm angered by willful ignorance. i'm considering making a response shirt that says "slavery is awesome: this message brought to you by the meat and dairy industries".

explaining the planck length to gd: "if big cars are compensation for small genitalia, it follows that the desire to rule the universe would stem from a planck-length penis."

shopping, returning the crappy universal charger and investing in a ninja professional blender. an afternoon and evening resting.


i'm not a fan of wine, but i am interested in the economics of wine.

speaking of which, marijuana branding. it's high time we get off this "keep off the grass" bullshit.

this is a great video about body image. having said that, it's important not to go to the opposite extreme. for the first time in history we have access to good data about nutrition and everybody's still stuck on fad diets or whatever marketing ploys the various industry players can get away with. the fact that we're in a period of great abundance and incredibly efficient farming techniques and we still prefer feeding ourselves in ways that make us sick is shameful. it fascinates me that people are so much more interested in what they look like or how much pleasure they derive than in how they care for their insides.

energy news:

records are being broken in solar flight; hopefully that'll become a thing soon.

this video from phinergy is two years old, but aside from this i've never heard of them. i hope they're making progress!

micro homes? or advanced camping?

Friday, May 29, 2015

my second mom

two days ago my second mom passed away, and this has been a terrific loss for two generations of our family that she raised. she went quickly, and for that we're very grateful. i'm especially grateful that she recently got to see me and gd and the promise of our baby.

the past two days i have been vacillating between joy and sadness as i remember one of my primary influences.

dear lenie: thank you.

Saturday, May 23, 2015

dear WIRED


I haven't received my issue in a couple of months, which is fine because I use my subscription to log in to the digital edition on my iPad. I would be very grateful if you could stop delivering physical copies and instead just let me continue to use my digital pass that I pay for anyway. I would also be very grateful if you could make this an option available to all subscribers, WIRED is the one magazine that I would *expect* to have a high enough respect for our environment to consider this option.

On a related note, I find it extremely tiring that I have access via iPad but not iPhone, and I have access via my partner's Android device... but I don't have access from my PC unless I've downloaded an issue on a mobile device, sent myself an article via email and then logged in using the link on my PC. I've paid for the subscription, your PC offering is just as good as your mobile offering, and it's just plain silly that I can't find an easy way to just log in from my PC from the get-go and get the digital magazine experience.

Thank you for your consideration.

some good news!

france forces supermarkets to be socially responsible. very cool, france. very cool.

there's drought everywhere. here're some things we can do about it. how interesting that the second item on the list is healthier for us.

holy optical upgrades, batman! bionic lenses may be available soon.

elon musk, again. if i had his kind of capital, i'd open up a school for my kids too. did i not post musk's battery keynote?

boredom is good. we need to stop scrolling our feeds, apparently.

why robots can and should take our jobs.

now for the not-so-good stuff:

the new california oil spill is a thing because we're still authorizing off-shore drilling. because we're still begging for drilling at all. because we all have to have private cars, because we can't switch to electricity (and switch to cleaner fuels), because we can't switch to public transport, because we can't switch to thinking about ourselves as a part of our environment.

gd and i have been learning about varicose veins during pregnancy. it is unbelievable how quickly they develop and how suddenly the most trivial things become impossible.

falling over


laundry fails on top of gd's ex not coming to pick up the dog


not nearly enough sleep 
bureaucratic wins
long meetings needing to pee
good fluxx, then a meeting to help my new junior
rushing to see the dentist. trying hard to stay awake. my crown can wait but my broken incisor needed fixing; a decent job, but i'm left with a sharp edge that i can't stop obsessing over...
chatting with my mom and then with godmother
trying not to look like a rat until my nostrils were no longer anaesthetized
leaving that extra half an hour later than late because i'm not familiar with doctrine's shenanigans

absolutely wasted, slow motion cooking and then too tired to eat more than half


deep sleep
still tired on waking, a bit chilly too - skipping training and hoping it's for nothing
team name suggestions making me laugh out loud on the metro
a good morning, a decent comic session, a long afternoon of meetings
not getting *my* work done, but getting stuck in to the team's big battle to my new manager's delight... and suddenly it was 21:15 and i'd made up a whole bunch more hours than i'd planned.

unrecycling and hoping nobody gets fined. the previous night's dinner and forgetting i needed to go to the store. almost depositing a cheque with my mobile but stopping due to a confusing clause.

going to bed early: not as tired as wednesday, but still pretty tired.


starting the day right, including the discovery of our dark and dangerous back stairs and buying shadowrun: dragonfall - director's cut on a steam sale

another cold day.
cashing the cheque in good spirits.


what too many people don't seem to realize is that the use of cologne and perfume requires a certain level of subtlety. when you're a little too liberal the smell of the faeces they make it with becomes dominant.

also, there's a special, very small room in hell reserved for all the people who put on cologne or perfume when in confined public spaces.


a long (as in, overtime long) day that began with hours debating yesterday's proposal and finished with hours of debating documents and projections for the next quarter.

leaving work and hearing how our apartment building's falling apart. seriously ready for the weekend!

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

close calls

giving friendly tech support one day late - explaining to gd that helping fix windows problems is not what i do...
unsafe plugs: my laptop's previous owner had taped the broken cable in the stupidest way and i was lucky that this morning's sparks were all that happened
surprisingly great feedback, setting comic lunch dates
good QA analysis, ez pz rpg advancement surprise (i seem to be doing better than the others)
running for *almost* an hour, but overheating and becoming uncomfortable and feeling like time had slowed down
finishing a feel-good fix to clean up our codebase
advising sasquatch on quitting smoking and one of our QA team on nutrition
almost getting run over for misunderstanding the road works and it would have been entirely my fault, the shock and shame were overwhelming, especially considering we have a baby on the way
having to buy a new laptop charger because the universal cable broke and nobody sells those
rescuing the homeless guy from klapvoet the metro driver

wedding bands arrived!

Tuesday, May 19, 2015


the problem with long hours

a generation of entitlement

protonmail is awesome

a fascinating article on john keats

things that happen to couples

snapchat's ceo's answer to business planning

not working to get paid? not exactly, in my opinion. in this case, the author's being paid so that he can focus on producing art. that's work, it's just not an industrial kind of work.

it seems like the shaman's view of psychological disorders is in line with the academic. it would be nice if our institutions could share a similar understanding...

for activists: how to win hearts and minds.

lost luggage? this guy might be able to help.

anger has upsides?

john oliver on standardized testing.

according to MIT, solar is good enough.

long weekend


asking for a show of hands in the stand-up meeting
gd stopping work
getting up to a comfortable hour on the treadmill, finishing hungry
helping my backend dev debug and then continuing with hac, traveling home with my junior and aligning goals.

a great start to the weekend, a surprisingly fast tax refund really helping out. back muscle swollen, wedding rings and copper branch and van hellsing (the original series, funimation's really difficult to navigate)

ice cream overload, passing out on the couch behind gd


and dreaming about creating a wicked beat, moving from couch to bed via brushing teeth and realizing that the tooth i haven't had cash to treat has become infected 

oh, ez pz rpg...

failed laser treatment: too much tan to try
support shopping and three year old signs wasting our time
buying wedding rings online
urgently resting and resting WELL (including van hellsingspeed grapher and hot fuzz)
developing a decidedly disappointing cough, then sharing it, back still hurting

last-minute shopping, in-house shoe weirdness with bnw
rick and mortyez pz rpg and the rest of hot fuzz


a late, good start
wanting to translate the israeli opposition's parliament speech for the rest of the world
aubut mission and weak arms
researching pregnancy varicose veins, learning how serious they are and how relatively common they are

final fantasy for the first time in ages with gd trying to get through some jewish studies, an important conversation about conversion
nightcrawler is an excellent movie. no no: a dockumentary is amazing.

gd taking risks on food and copper branch's extreme poutine fail


defending a stateless paradigm argument on quora

dreaming of being in an underground resistance movement, turning off the lights and diffusing a situation with our militant muslim neighbours, robin williams kissing everyone's cheeks in an exaggerated manner but the two of us just covering our eyes at each other

breakfast ideologies
february rent mission
hanging pictures and sorting out my standing desk
shopping nightmare (supermarket filled with assholes and a long list)
horseman to the rescue, an afternoon of awesome tekken and talking until late
my first steaming veggies in our new apartment: gd was sleeping so i forgot to turn the heat down, but even soggy it tasted bloody good

now exhausted and in desperate need of some sleep before returning to the office.

Saturday, May 16, 2015

nutritional song and dance

so there's a food revolution day thing going around, and some people have taken offense to it.

if more people ate healthily it would relieve an enormous burden on our healthcare systems. it wouldn't suddenly stop poverty but it certainly wouldn't hurt. if lots of people really got serious about eating healthily (and i'm talking about educating themselves about nutrition properly, not getting into fads), we might even do some damage control on climate change...

about five years ago i weighed less than i do now and ended up relying on medical services unnecessarily due to malnutrition that was caused by a simple lack of knowledge - and not just on my part. all of the top diseases that plague north americans in particular are treatable by diet.

as for the relationship to poverty: it is absolutely abominable that some of the cheapest food sources we have are what they are. the sad fact is that the laws of economics dictate that as long as the shitty foods are the most popular, they will be produced en masse and therefore be the cheapest. while nutritional education won't help the poor immediately, if enough people above the poverty line begin eating healthIER then good veggies can move from luxuries to commodities and be accessible. it feels utterly ridiculous to have to think in those terms, but that's what the industrial age has done to us...

... having said that, i just got lectured on food costs by someone who spent a good decade struggling with poverty, and she informed me that eating vegetables and grains is actually cheaper, short-term and long-term, *IF* you avoid the expensive and vastly overrated specially packaged organic non-GMO shit.
not only that, but urban farming is a thing and a little bit of effort goes a long way.

just an aside to whoever mentioned canned beans and corn - those are much healthier than a lot of expensive foods. and certainly healthier than cheeseburgers.

the more educated we are - not you and me individually, but as a society - the more balanced things will be. and when that transformation does become significant, poor people will have access too. so maybe jamie oliver is an asshole, and maybe his little video is stupid, but if it can bring attention to the topic in the mainstream then that's definitely a good thing. now we just need to get the right data into our schools and our governments; the latter have bad habits of supporting and subsidizing things that are not good for us and the former produce the latter...

Friday, May 15, 2015

winning uphill battles


i was even exhausted when waking up late. it was a good morning and it was great having a chance to skype with dirk diggler (and introduce him to gd, finally), we had a great lunch with our son's godmother and a wonderful afternoon nap.

then we went shopping and the evening turned wet and unpleasant.


still raining. very comfortable when actually in bed, rather annoying when not. you know what i love about the rain?


i mean, in theory i think rain is the best thing ever, but in practice i don't want the stuff anywhere near me. "i'm only happy after the rain..."

a little bit of work, a lot of firefighting, my no-longer-ex-manager gifting me a nabu x (wtf???), a tedious but ultimately successful* shadowrun scene

* in the sense that we completed the scene, the protagonists were utterly unsuccessful but they at least survived

the brain strain of watching robin williams' last movie knowing that he committed suicide afterwards


a calm morning lying in, good breakfast start and stepping out into a surprisingly warm, wonderful day wearing a ski jacket

the nabu x software sucks.

firing day, tricky unlimited sick day policy, working harder and only somewhat smart; a good lunch run but almost leaving my shoes at the gym, working late, a delicious dinner and a pleasant dog walk, awesome poetry and mst3k


the nabu x lies about my sleep patterns
dragging myself out of bed and hurrying to get to aubut before going to work but they didn't have what i wanted and gd wasn't answering her phone (in retrospect i'm glad i didn't take anything instead)

super mario in the men's room
build automation win
hurried lunch, winning a code review
my main project: i may not be working on it nearly as much as i should be, but my manager was pleased with my report and valued my response when he posed a potential problem
fighting fires: nobody's fault, but when i suggested a possible solution to the IT expert he agreed, so i scored myself more work. it's really fun, interesting stuff, it just doesn't fit my schedule...

workflow fix surprise: something i asked for two months ago was pushed through a month ago... only nobody published the info anywhere! everyone's super-excited now that we know
great boxing, solidly finishing the final cardio; watching a little sparring, running into the office to pick up my sweater and ending up returning home with our office d&d crew.

walking in to an unhappy gd; getting back on track and her making a fantastic dinner, talking until late and then doing the garbage day thing before bed


early up to draw cash and pick up non-existent items (again) from aubut under a burning sun

nabu x: manually setting sleep mode helped but the data's not providing much insight other than a rough approximation as to how many hours i was in bed. steps-wise, the data is interesting but not really helpful to me because i'm pretty active anyway. so far, the biggest reason for wearing this thing is the vibrating alert when i don't hear or feel my phone. that's awesome.

guilt is not the best "goodbye, have a great day" emotion; trying to avoid the sun and being late for work but getting stuck in the metro and having to walk without shade (no buses or taxies) from plamondon

starting the day with a great IT meeting - including offloading that extra work, seeing hac through his tasks, going to pushap alone was refreshing

learning our pm's limitations when trying to explain a joke to him, spending the afternoon doing what i was supposed to (my primary task) and thoroughly enjoying myself

solid kickboxing, quickly chatting with my mother before returning home to shop

bug overreaction
van hellsing new and improved but occasionally interrupted by funimation's app being kinda shitty

this morning:

it's like my alarm - and its subsequent snoozes - is punishment for me being so perfectly comfortable. a good breakfast and a little french while discussing body image and mental illness misconceptions.

Sunday, May 10, 2015

kitchen studio

damn, after something like four hours of recording in our kitchen with horseman and his buddy (who's essentially producing this show), i get just how much work goes into these things. gd walked in at a good time to provide her services as singing coach, so that became a thing. by the time we were done we had a few good samples and a solid plan of action - hopefully we'll finish up next weekend and i'll be able to publish some stuff.

we went off to see the new cool at abyss, which has some gorgeous pieces, then headed to p.m. for a delicious dinner and fun politics before calling it a night.

Saturday, May 09, 2015

an exciting close to a good week


high tone, purchasing "perfect slicer" for gd so i can justify buying something equally silly for myself, rushing to leave on time to meet horseman at the court so he could bear witness to our application to get married. it looks like we're going to be signing the papers on the fourth of july! i guess that'll be our "dependants day" :D

work on time, a weird day with my now-ex manager maybe staying, both him and ol' snake eyes playing nice (including an hour-long support lecture during which he actually included quite a lot of sage advice amongst his decidedly dubious diatribes), working hard until training time

crazy cardio to finish the class and the drills a little bit rougher than intended, utterly wiped out by the end; the barest minimum of an evening and getting to bed early again


a fantastic night's sleep, a good start to the morning including my first rosetta stone french lesson - their online subscription is totally worthwhile
an awkward but relaxed day at work, a break after lunch to unintentionally soak up some sun while lost on my way to catch a quick coffee with sagirl, returning to work a little more and then heading off to the gym for a forty minute run followed by a solidly demanding boxing class: summer has arrived in tristar! the evening was sweaty and gross but deeply satisfying.

feeling good, but sore and stiff and marshmallow-like all at the same time. copper branch and high tone dinner delight. gd liking the early scraps to a new piece inspired by the most outrageous racism that i'd witnessed during the day (i'm staying friends with the offender on facebook so i can keep seeing what's up on the other side - interestingly enough, everything else he's been posting is so in line with me that i'm sorry facebook didn't show me that stuff instead...)

today so far:

sleeping in, slowly starting the day right. trying to schedule a meeting with the new illustrator and waiting for horseman to bring over equipment for a recording session.

big links

there've been quite a few awesome things going around lately...

outgrowing pornography: intriguing stuff: i love that there's also reference to the kind of softporn we're flooded with through regular advertising.

3D-printed ultrasound? WIN.

gd sent me this link to an article with a bunch of highly entertaining and useful portmanteaus.

nick cave in dr. seuss form!

what was that? taxing the rich fairly doesn't result in the wholesale destruction of civilization? i'm shocked.

philosoraptor ftw. i don't care if it's an old one.

omg the tesla battery: elon musk has produced something amazingly awesome as usual! why people should care.

from snopes:

nope, it's not a suicide bear.

nope, poop-beard is not a thing.

Thursday, May 07, 2015

going uphill


rough start and gd tax filing fails, leaving late
a long day of not getting my top priority done, my israeli teammate being a right prat, lots of knowledge transfers while feeling under the weather, good fluxx break and filing my taxes

home in the cool rain for a night spent getting the hang of shadowrun: it's a steep learning curve but we eventually got through a combat turn that was pretty interesting. house rule: movement pace is halved, more than twenty-five metres in a three-second turn is olympian, and olympic sprinters are doing nothing but focusing on movement

gd and i crashing early, both feeling crap


what a horrible, horrible morning. rushing to finish filing gd's taxes, fighting with and about hydro quebec screwing us over. getting in to work and feeling obligated to share shitty information with my manager that he was already aware of. still no time for my priority work, feeling a bit like my old company...

running off midday to complete and send off gd's tax return, returning to work late for an afternoon of firefighting and watching a train-wreck of my ex-manager defending his pride vs actually getting shit done
staying late, minor advances and clocking hours

quick chat with my sister, getting to bed early


intriguing dreaming, investigating marriage options and hoping that my registered status is correct, spilling coffee on the ipad

post-meeting: being called out for "strutting" by a man whose primary mode of locomotion is "slithering"

an afternoon spent... doing mostly forgettable things, staying late to spend a couple of hours on the job i was *meant* to be doing

back home, shopping and dog-walking, discomfort moving from back to chest

Monday, May 04, 2015

slamming weekend

friday night:

shabbat candles, pharmacy walk in weather warm enough for just a shirt, quicksalad in front of bubblegum crisis: tokyo 2040 and passing out by the third episode, waking up to painful rls


awfully tedious dreams, ending with a truck driver almost killing me and ru55 and a half an hour on the phone with 911

a day full of taxes, a beautiful, summer's day full of taxes and capped off with an iced coffee that turned out to be a mistake of coagulated almond milk

gd's gym buddy, heavy shopping, cleaning up and making dinner, one piece dubbed isn't quite as good

la belle verte is conceptually brilliant. have i never seen the beginning of strange days, or is the version on netflix the director's cut?


sleeping in, long breakfast coffee and failing with google play music sync and to help gd with her taxes, not-so-quick dollarama mission and meeting friends for a hot, sunny walk and silly-expensive pizza (or beer and salad, in my case).

back home for a fantastically good but short rest, then off to the throw collective's finals.

1. my performance as sacrifice was appreciated, and i enjoyed myself in spite of my nerves
2. overall excellent quality, and the collective is sending a really strong team to the cfsw this year
3. the feature (queen ka?) was kinda lame, but her backup musicians were brilliant
4. a long walk for greasy fries and gross toilets


1.30am, aaaand late to bed.

Saturday, May 02, 2015

double standards

to everyone in israel who thinks that anti-semitism isn't really a thing, check this out. read the comments. ignoring (for a moment) the fact that the laws preventing homosexual couples from engaging in surrogacy in israel are primitive and shameful (as are the laws regarding civil marriage), the reality is that no other people in the world would be judged for taking care of their surrogate or adopted babies and not the mothers.

nobody gives a shit about the mothers... unless there are jews involved.

if you think these are just a few voices on the internet, i'm sorry to tell you that you are very, very wrong. it continually horrifies me to learn how much anti-semitism there is even here, in canada, where people are famous for being non-judgmental pluralists.

breaking on through


slotting a well-timed joke into our stand-up meeting ("spring is here! i got so excited i wet my plants...")
getting shit done at a great pace, good cthulu fluxx lunch break, cleaning up the git messes
a strangely spring 19 degrees!
birth certificate excitement
fantastic dinner
gd reading french harry potter to me after dinner, going to bed early


tough getting up, a busy morning (in particular, sending a promised email update to a potential employer to tell him that i'm happy where i am - i found that tough to write), stepping out into spring feeling ready for boxing and awkwardly anticipating the shit-hitting-the-fan meeting i had just received an invitation to...

... the fan was hit surprisingly gently, it was a day of small victories, lots of positivity. my ex-manager-now-coworker asking me for help before i left...

boxing: badger in charge, hard work, shaking hands while giving the beginners some tips on the way out; feeling tired but *smoothly* so, relaxed and good.


trying to sleep in and being woken by our cleaning lady, helpful marriage and tax advice
a gorgeous day, but mostly spent on emergencies and a broken vm... a surprisingly well-received presentation on comments, an exhausting discussion on bureaucracy after a huge, delicious pushap lunch, learning that my no-longer-manager is leaving the team soon, onboarding hac and another guy from my previous team, small successes and planning midday boxing drills with a coworker i ran into in the gym on wednesday.

kickboxing hard and good, but with a post-pushap bloated belly. ropes are *tough*, man...
great class finish, boxing coach advice and good talks with my first yoga instructor and mti

great dinner, and winding down 


irritable morning, vfmp's boyfriend finding my tax code, paypal fails and realizing i'd left my gloves at the gym (luckily they were picked up by the guy on night shift, the day manager was stoked that i'd had the decency to be worried that i'd left them dirty gym gear too)
getting ready for open mic on sunday
pressured morning of doing... not much? getting all lead-y?

running and pad work with a coworker and again feeling flush with exercise, a hot shower in the middle of a gorgeous day and bringing good vibes back with me into the office 

meetings and bureaucracy and knowledge transfers and OMFG THE WHOLE POINT OF HAVING A DOOMSDAY DEVICE IS LETTING EVERYONE KNOW THAT YOU HAVE IT. my now ex-manager is a total asshole, and that's becoming clearer every hour.

leaving late-ish but feeling super-positive, forgetting lunch in the fridge again, random tristar guy recognizing me in the street, p.m. stop on the way home to taxes