Tuesday, April 28, 2015



2am aussie movie aggression waking me into fight mode, extreme discomfort ensued


waking up tired and sore to a miserably perfect day for staying in and watching trigun

"oh, that's sweet: you have a complaint? i can escalate it, but you know nothing's going to change..."

a new divider in the men's room - did someone complain?

severe overeating at pushap, returning to struggle with shitty code and not enough information, finally finishing that only to start a task with redis installation issues, interrupted for a half an hour of reviewing my lead's code and a short but interesting conversation with my old manager about which side of the fan i'd prefer to be on when the shit hits it

tired, going home to put up hooks (badly?) and do some painfully heavy shopping

an early night with some rick and morty,


waking up in the middle of the night and remembering learning about something utterly stupid in my team: not being fluent in english is *not* a valid reason for using overly-simplistic and unclear or inappropriate variable names. it's actually a particularly good reason to be really precise. assholes.

a day full of office politics. and headaches. and git stuff-ups.

judaica shopping, online arbing, passing out to sin city: a dame to kill for


deliberately sleeping in, finally setting up a shelf for our lounge entertainment system, burning coupons at popeye's, jugo juice employee cruelty and filing a complaint
horseman, great tekken, louis c.k.'s 2015 show's brilliant surrealism

feeling like shit while shopping, kam wing huge (surprisingly spicy) dinner and wall-sized netflix before crashing hard


pinched neck nerve = loads of shoulder, chest, arm pain and weakness
chilled morning, having a lounge and separate room for haircuts again is so comfortable!
midi 6 brunch delight
shopping... and running out of cash. taking gd into a comic store is dangerous! chasing that with opening an account with funimation, which is far superior to crunchyroll in every way.

p.m. deliciousness, mom's intro to backswings, ergo proxy, end weekend at 10pm.


very serious, absurdly detailed epic dreams disturbed by my alarm. sleeping in a bit anyway, slightly improved neck situation.
hazzing the dumb and responding inappropriately to an email about my grandfather... and then managing to make it worse.

continuing to feel stupid, but getting a two-day estimated job done in two hours and enjoying a brisk walk to walmart before lunch.

my manager's awkward response to their leadership seminar
my rebase suggestion taken seriously and appearing to resolve our issues
the tristar tour and mti's surprise upon hearing that gd's expecting
a surprisingly loud fart easily identified across an empty room
watching the spacex launch live while trawling through logs that seemed to indicate that i was right about something in spite of my ignorance

getting home to shitty internet x2, great leftovers, translating hebrew poetry and having my mind blown by the vicious willful ignorance of antisemitism.

lainla belle verte until i passed out

this morning so far:

a pretty spring morning, sleeping in and checking out québéc marriages

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