Wednesday, April 08, 2015

fancourt fan

it's BEAUTIFUL here!


v&a hyperviper drinks (one too many for me), shopping fail, vegan selection date fail, coffee lunch with krybabie's mother (not pushy at all), shopping success and then a total regression; silently bargaining and forgetting that my south african local number doesn't handle sms'es

a great great-aunt visit, lecturing my uncle about my brother, excellent dinner with company and interesting talks until way late


until very late. and then waking up needing to rewatch battlestar galactica, packing for the week, returning the rental, a long drive in beautiful weather through gorgeous countryside to hermanus; a stunning house and getting deep into debate with tgtbt and her mother, more driving and stopping at the blue goose in gansbaai for delicious food - i even scored a completely vegan meal.

a long lost drive trying to get back on the road to swellendam, crazy-long drive and getting cold but landing in the lap of luxury

good dinner, a needed rest and final fantasy vi, passing out after a bag of crisps and getting a good night's sleep


not the best pillows, but a great sleep nonetheless. dreaming of privacy violations and shouting at a survey agent in a restaurant, starting the day by removing the worst kind of malware from my mom's computer (anti-virus software, if you have windows firewall and microsoft security essentials, *avoid* mcafee, avg and norton)

long drive to the cango caves:
a) not at all as planned
b) gd wasn't comfortable
c) rude israelis who didn't listen and wouldn't shut up until i said something in hebrew, and demonstrated zero concept of personal space

obviously, those very same israelis would have the same plan as us and we all did the cango wildlife tour together afterwards. fortunately, our very clever guide knew how to keep us (mostly) separate and thoroughly entertained gd by freaking me out as much as possible. at least i can be grateful that gd doesn't need to go to israel to understand why i can't deal with those people.

the lemur experience was awesome.

"as ma is my witness" - if gd's this happy here, and if south africa somehow gets itself back on track, then sure, i'll return with her.

quick shopping at shoprite, almost fighting with the "car guards".
long drive, old people in the way, parmesan spar stress and me-the-vibe-killer trying to be helpful and failing

great dinner, chat, falling asleep early and waking up with only a vague sense of having had incredible dreams


a good night's sleep, but both of us waking from weird dreams and gd with return anxiety
a peaceful, relaxed morning - very peaceful - more reading mind-blowing things in 50 people who stuffed up south africa

k-twang's reply, as patched as can be expected
lost in town, foo bar and then lauren's deli: i haven't had good falafel since i left israel, that place is simply wonderful!

serious shopping, awesome gd dinner, resting

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