Wednesday, April 08, 2015

america in the news

boston bombers and southern carolina's slager vs scott.

first, the discussion about the death penalty is absolutely silly. the death penalty should be dropped, but for every sentence of any length prisoners should be put to work on the kinds of jobs nobody else wants. bring back chain gangs en masse, turn prisons into labour camps. who wouldn't think twice about committing a crime when facing a lifetime of hard labour?
oh, and the amount of face time the bombers' ugly mugs are getting is absurd - more fame for them, more incentive for other pathetic morons to follow suit.

second, as gd says: the whole country should be protesting "i can't breathe" right now. omg.

in both cases, paying attention to the media narratives is utterly frustrating. are these "journalists" completely unaware of the effect they're producing?

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