Monday, March 09, 2015

a lot of take-out


a long, emotional day but filled with interesting challenges. joining the new team for drinks (but without either of my managers), great fun! awkward goodbyes to a thankfully not-awkward team

p.m. mission. back home with a sulk to receive a bloody good talking to.


a long night, forgotten dreams, difficulty waking up, johnny macrae's love your weird making my morning

a long, tough day with some light at the end of the ten-hour mark; awkward but satisfying team farewell  lunch and forgetting my thawing lunch in the fridge when i left for the weekend :/

walmart running out of doorstops and it taking me three sections to find someone to confirm it

a relaxed evening, getting to bed early 


waking up early too to go shopping for stuff that nobody sells any more and to learn how simple bank transfers don't work in canada. getting a full box of the wrong protein bars - i HATE dates! - and needing a rest before returning to sort out the old apartment 

the very friendly but disturbing woman who thought she recognized me (i was wearing my ski mask)

washing machine with hot and cold switched and weight training with a bloody heavy box of goods
getting the heating switch confused and slowly cranking it up because i was suffering from it being too high

i was about to take a nap when i heard... water dripping from the bathroom ceiling. or, after speaking to the neighbours, what i *hoped* was water.

storming around until the landlord finally responded and gd got home, a busy but good evening and an early night


waking up early in anticipation of the cleaning lady coming in (but daylight savings change, so really early). thought for international women's day: "we're celebrating by cleaning our apartment. i'm kinda helping"

a furiously energetic clean and tidy, good music and good vibes and a habitable apartment.

exhaustion, sling blade, the maroon 5 lighter and a great night's sleep.

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