Thursday, January 15, 2015

spasms and ticks

sunday night ended with too much heroes, finishing season three and hopefully the last of the shamefully bad writing [nope]

sleepy morning (sudden lego excitement) and discovering that big junior had been the opposite of thorough and i almost missed important stuff because i relied on his documentation.

dentist receptionist *really* doesn't speak any english

starbucks hack! the brown maple sugar that they use for oatmeal works REALLY well in a latte

the smell of cheese makes me queasy
terraria fails
ömg eye-shutting exhaustion even before an hour-long boring meeting

neck and back dull pain frustration, getting progressively worse until distracting and aggravating. finally making some flash progress

a not-particularly-good evening followed by


an absolutely horrible night, neck and dreams (stabbing an old friend in self-defence and then being set up as a drug dealer to pay for no charges being filed)
add to that garbage day and a power outage

feeling kind-of up for work but only managing half an hour before the discomfort became unbearable

returning home desperately stretching my neck - it's really hard work when you're hurting - and being forced into bed by gd where i'd spent a couple of hours lying super-carefully until it was time for my urgent osteopath appointment

that woman is a miracle worker. still hurting but actually manageable

homeless dude throwing his crutches down the stairs had me literally risking my neck to help him, i wanted to beat him with the damn thing when i realized it was intentional

an evening of comics, leftovers, heroesstrip search


a long night sleeping on my back to stretch my neck, feeling better until work and degrading rapidly, but feeling more sick than sore

working through it instead of taking another day, feeling alright by the end of it and having at least achieved something

short mom chat and quick cold shopping, lots of dishes and veggie burgers and heroes


slightly easier night, smooth morning, getting into work less late than the rest of the week and feeling oxygen starved again

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