Monday, January 19, 2015



positive morning including IT presence effect

[high heart rate and everything going swimmingly]

snv fries much needed, a motivated evening but hurting my neck a little, returning home to a delicious meal and good massage therapy for both of us

our laughing interfering with our stretching


a decent night's sleep and relaxed morning watching gd rush out to her first proper day at her new work, it's now totally clear that we need to find a bigger place soon

it's exciting to get the hang of a new framework (symfony / silex / doctrine) and almost fully complete a production-ready deliverable that was supposed to be a simple proof of concept

starting a late lunch with the realization that i'd left my frozen dinner in my bag

intro to terraria - pretty damn cool.

an afternoon of uncovering flash mysteries, figuring out a protocol design issue that i should've thought of last quarter, and stressing over a Big Talk with godmother that needed to happen

my old provigo's death throes and dangerous ice on the way

the Big Talk preparation

the machine - gorgeous, in spite of some dodgy writing


sleeping late and dreaming lots and lots of fascinatingly weird dreams, very tired but getting up for laundry and some shopping
arriving at the entrance to the first store just as godmother called to invite me for lunch

the Big Talk - uncomfortable, but okay i guess. i wish i hadn't forgotten to mention uncle hate, otherwise i said all i had to say and listened to what she had to say and i'm happy that there's going to be a next step

shopping, perfect timing, huge awesome p.m. dinner, taxi driver double-bash, mom chat, heroessnowpiercer (awesome) interrupted by a disturbing argument that turned into a comforting and intimate discussion 


superpoopers and late sleepers
loads of talking and alexis neon on a warmish winter's day
copper branch mushroom fail
horseman coffee through to the evening with good tekken and great conversations 
ghost rider interrupted by raging over facebook troll

this morning:

definitely not enough sleep.

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