Sunday, January 04, 2015

lukewarm intro to 2015

last saturday:

a relatively short hospital visit but then hours waiting for the results

some shopping, pawning ($5 for a monitor, but it's still better than putting it on the street), the iron lady, more mind-bending braid

last sunday:

early night, late deep sleep with weird dreams
theoretically relaxed but stressed to be getting things done

taxi: old-school credit card swiping machine bothers me

pharmacy visit leading to the discovery that there are multiple options in alexis nihon for feeding ourselves (huge sigh of relief) - copper branch and jus jugo juice ftw!!!

tough shopping, walking and good appetites
pawn shop ripoff
almost done with google sheets, too much heroes for my own good


late night decadence (healthy pigging out until 1am)
endless dreams subject to time changing direction braid-style
a good morning, feeling much better for the first time in weeks
proper cold winter weather

a slow day at work mostly spent figuring out how to upgrade our dev environments

a last-minute lunch post attracting mega-ire that i didn't have time to respond to

meeting gd for shopping, communication breakdown, an evening of synchronized emotional ups and downs
keeping to the comic publishing schedule


hating garbage day, arguing about atheism brought out an intelligent design freak who didn't realize he was arguing with adults.
managing to offend moonflake :(

being in such a rush on my way out that i tipped over gd's breakfast onto myself and the floor which required a change of clothes and a thorough floor clean

a pretty good day at work improving and tweaking the dev environment and it looks like i found the sneaky bug that's been bothering me.

a good chat with the boss before a very cold traipse to the shops


a night of a sore neck, loads of heroes followed by a difficult low blood-sugar night ending in dreams of awkward family reunions and snowboarding (something about not wearing gloves to do something technical)

half-asleep breakfast making
late re-sleep
coffee mission cut short, starbucks and poetry instead then a visit to friends to learn about harnesses and adorable kids and dogs and mutual awkwardness
freezing late afternoon, heroes interrupted by an emergency p.m. mission

new year's downer



an uncomfortable night
a weird moody morning
godmother visit with yin then yang
worst p.m. experience ever, and not because of p.m. although the waiter laying waste to the leftovers i was hungry for didn't improve the mood much

a night recovering in front of heroes, a non-stop wtf-how-stupid-are-these-characters fest


getting up early to unresolve the previous night's issues, self-education and cold squeaky snow emergency shopping

long, slow day, mostly positive 
pushap dinner with a double waitress fail but still good

nothing night of american horror story and bonzo driving me nuts



chilled morning, though i could do without american horror story

cold shopping
hard nap, extra-shitty wake-up
abyss gallery superhero cool
housewarming spilled secrets
smoking taxi


late waking up to a discussion about old vs new systems and why all the gatekeeper institutions: music, movies, books, academic publishing, patent law are all operating counter to their intended functions in a digital age.

and the knowledge that i'm slamming tonight and i'm totally unprepared.

post-coffee downtime

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