Saturday, January 31, 2015

bronchitosaurus rex


why the fuck are the supermarkets empty on a sunday???
serious shopping disaster rush 
kgb and co visit for a lovely afternoon - their baby is super-cute!
a quick walkabout to get apartment numbers and real winter mittens
horseman visit media swap
a quiet evening including stretching and developing a cough


rough night, calling in sick
late start but feeling a bit better, apartment hunting with an offensively pushy, racist punjabi
sleeping on the couch
shopping, amazing sammich time and a good talk with SxS


a shitty night turning into the shittiest, eventually getting my words right and not being able to figure out how

insane, creepy nightmares ending with lots of spiders on power cables

a better morning, but a late, hurried start; taking gym gear even with a tender neck

45 minutes on the elliptical, not certain if that aggravated my neck or not
good afternoon progress

my first performance review: raise! bonus! and very grateful to my manager for bringing the evaluation forward or i would only have been able to receive the increase from 2016. it's nice to be called a "key player" and to be hinted at to start acting like a lead

awesome apartment viewing
shopping fails and second night of great homemade dinners

sudden exhaustion


dragging myself to bed through a mandatory shower
midnight toilet time wasting but very real sinus / chest issue and indigestion 

waking up early after a short difficult night but getting into the groove easily (minus being sad to learn that a cousin passed away on tuesday)
a pleasantly smooth passport release mission in spite of a shitty taxi driver and not enough chairs

forgotten medical aid card, a good day at work with a delicious lunch and a good couple of games of lunch money with hac

an evening of slowly doing all the things that *should* be routine


not a bad night, waking up to a serious purge
rushing to pick up gd's health insurance card before rushing off to renew mine, squeezing into a stalled metro car and being grateful for such a short delay

incredibly short, efficient and pleasant passport canada experience, only soured by having forgotten my $@&%#ING passport at home which i needed for the next stop

returning home through sheepish crowds, some of whom for which a special place in hell *must* be reserved 

super-smooth health insurance renewal followed by paranormal disturbances in the metro
keeping my coughing under control the whole morning until entering a crowded car where something triggered a fit

newk'd walking out on his girlfriend disgracefully + public fallout

triggering gd's wrath while trying to reassure her about sunday's slam, being rescued by "be more dog"

drawn out design discussions

a crazy blizzard, a good evening, finally finishing heroes, publishing *something*. heroes: i'm not sorry i watched it, the story was good overall although the writing was absolutely infuriating most of the time.


great, slow morning
lunch money break, great with two more players
telling some of the team about the pregnancy
making tangible progress!

todd glass is great

this morning so far:

getting to bed late, waking up tough due to shallow breathing and forcing myself like a yoga exercise

gd wardrobe fail, preparing for laser treatment

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