Sunday, December 21, 2014

it's only a game


massive oversleep and arguing about dream details

not wanting to go outside because i should've been in bed

they got the temperature right in the metro for once

this month's wired is mind-blowing

no, it's not a healthy breakfast. but salt 'n vinegar fries are a bloody satisfying stand-in...

exhaustion, long prep meeting

league of legends victory but with my worst scores so far

customer approval - trying not to pass out, receiving boss approval

working late discovering more unreliable node / javascript object behaviour

arriving home, undressing *then* discovering that i needed to go to the shops

microwave beans and heroes and searching for a game for hac for our team's not-so-secret santa


another unintentionally late night

night congestion and running nose and headache

decent sleep, getting up easily

quick 'n easy morning

french deterioration (how did i go *DOWN* a level?!), gd work breakdown

falling asleep on the metro and missing my stop (fortunately only by one)

windows upgrade messed up my morning

overall disappointing team lunch at tiffany's

omg steam gifting mega-fails: i got my boss, not hac, *and* i accidentally delivered the gifts to someone else...

... why couldn't MY not-so-secret santa not use MY wishlist? my wishlist is full of awesome!

offending hac with my authority? unwittingly implying that he's not responsible?

a dead-end to a rough week

a quiet night

discovering why braid is so beloved


slow morning on the couch in front of how i met your mother

still feeling weak, but thinking hard about how much of it is simply the result of a lot of negativity. i've been sorely lacking in enthusiasm of late and everything that goes wrong becomes another turn in a downward spiral. it's time to ease up, get actively positive

more braid

pleasant godmother lunch

horseman failed vegan sushi mission and successful coffee mission

gd got the job she wanted!

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