Monday, December 08, 2014

end of weekend 5am blues


late again
scrum master standin
pretty productive morning
getting my ass handed to me in cs
SxS chat

jon stewart on american police brutality and unambiguous racism

power outages
finishing and staging in one day!
discovering along the way a javascript failure that's caused me huge headaches

indian leftovers and mad men


still tired after a good night's sleep, but still feeling waaay better and actually getting out of bed on the first alarm
cold showers on cold days
south african inflation scare
league of legends including newk'd and xmas party prep day
left-side chewing dental chicken-n-egg scenario
dressing not-sharp-enough
security lessons with sasquatch and hac

manager's music taste and aggressive driving style
fancypants xmas party with so much wine i didn't even try the bar
unexciting but decent vegetable offerings
designer mispreconceptions
circus-level performers
just how addicted to league of legends are hac and saskwatch?

painfully bloated
super-quick mom chat
manager driving me to my door in a snowstorm

early to bed


early up for breakfast
gaming morning slow download and comedy

a pleasant -1 day after such a cold night
long coffee
back for more league of legends
ovary acting and some unfortunate triggers
the honey boo-boo: struggling to clean up but grateful that we didn't have the ants to go with it
rushing to p.m. for a pickup
overheating in the cold

killer joe - omg, what a brilliant, brilliant movie. utterly disturbing. very cool. did i mention utterly disturbing?

early crash


dreaming in a loop
long mom chat
good ffix progress but having to go before finding a save point
good midi 6 breakfast 
good shopping (vega protein bars! the coconut flavour has dates, though)
bad apartment smell source impossible to find because we get used to it so quickly

resting, shit comedy and saga

slamming, gd's mom hospitalized

amazing response to my first piece
surprisingly positive judgement for my second though my performance was shit because i was reading it off my phone. both prepared pieces preceded by remarkably similar ones.

revealing victrauma in the wake of wasting three articles of clothing


a tough night's sleep so far

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