Monday, November 03, 2014

keeping score

yesterday's blood donation was rejected because i was tested for hiv recently, even though there was no reason to suspect anything. it's weird living in a country where the act of being tested is cause for suspicion.

i did a walmart run - it's getting cold, fast - and shadowrun returns in the office before heading to godmother's for coffee and returning with a craving for indian.

pausing chasing amy to introduce gd to penny arcade: gamers vs evil and having her beat me. simultaneous play is pretty cool!


bnw and her husband separated? the more details we've heard the less likeable he's become...

bloody hell, totally forgot last night's washing :(

rls hitting hard 

disturbing horror dreams
a slow sunday morning of highs and general irritations
shopping meh but we did find gd an awesome winter coat
a too-short rest at home
headache and bellyache giving way to an excellent but short and intimate night of poetry
singing on the metro
camino mint chocolate feels just like peppermint crisp 

gd just finished drawing our first comic strip!

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