Saturday, November 01, 2014

growing pains

bonza is simply an addictive kinda-crossword game

pre-coffee bad reaction

it's the people you can't be sure have dressed up that make halloween creepy

a day of caution, over-engineering, and getting everything working *except* the control interface :S

twenty minutes in line for a three-inch sub :/
booking a rental car for cape town next month ^_^

enough time worked this week to take a proper hour for shadowrun returns: i *did* die, and i *did* use the opportunity to start again. from a troll with a machete to an elf with an smg and a deck :)

boxing: the third day of intense training after a couple of weeks of nothing? wow. i had to be careful with my neck and lower back, but i still worked really hard and i was put in charge of a dude who i watched getting his nose bashed on wednesday night. i was amazed to discover he's only been boxing for a month! and i loved watching the lights go on when i explained technique to him.

after class north-me reported that his developers have been giving him shit.  i explained to him that he needs to use contract labour until he finds someone employable, and his acceptance test needs to be that he can read and understand the code himself. right now he's stuck with a prima-donna and non-operational code nobody else can work with...

shopping - and asking gd what she needed before forgetting it anyway :$ - dinner and a failed mission to find flight of the conchords online.


i slept in because i can literally feel my body healing. i'm going to make breakfast, deliver gd hers, donate blood and pick up my halloween mask which i left at work. i have a feeling we're not going to go out tonight, but just in case...

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