Saturday, November 22, 2014



an excellent start to the morning, but my emotions still fragile enough to be damaged by one clearly unintentional expression

"even if i was in israel, i would find your refund in cheque form to be in bad taste"

my left knee's really hurting suddenly
extreme metro heat

frustrating morning work, thinking about gd and then getting a message to say she's in the hospital

three hours to hear we have gastro - i say "we" because it's highly contagious and we share everything... i told my manager i was on my way back and he told me to take the day off and stay with gd, so the two of us played crash bandicoot warped for a bit and then i did some emergency shopping

my little pony (fim), video game high school (the movie), more crash


a long night of shared discomfort, eventually calming down. my first time taking care of a really sick partner. i seem to be in the clear, i hope i'm right

a slow start to the day with angry birds and crash, then investigating internet provider alternatives and going out on an electrolyte mission

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