Friday, October 31, 2014

whirlwinds of fortune

gcc update headaches, not thinking about the many better ways to go about things... so a seriously wasted morning

shadowrun returns: half my team killed, and only afterwards discovering that i could have hacked the gun turrents... and still deciding to continue play and not restart? what's happening to me? if i die, will i just start again?

i'll probably just start again. i've learned that strength is good, but violence accompanied by hacking skills is *AWESOME*.

the rest of the day delivered more and more frustration, with broken apps and weird behaviour unrelated to code and not under my control. and i really shouldn't have argued with big junior without triple-checking first.

kickboxing: i just remembered what training feels like. it's the moment after class, as in hours after, when my arms suddenly stop responding to instructions and everything becomes magically heavier.

it's SOOOOOO good to be back! all that poetry really took it out of me :P


i totally forgot about my signing bonus. i just got a serious payslip because i've passed my probation and it's enough to cover my visa charges! i still need to be conservative, but i can breathe a lot easier now.

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