Monday, October 27, 2014

weekend news


too-beautiful short nap
stunning cold day
offering hours to vfmp's moving on a day i need rest
high intensity laser but definitely better than before 
coffee, olive loaf and the end of this month's wired
hard shopping, seriously ugly autumn gloves
jus jugo juice's might kale for a mighty lunch
a positive bluetooth experience
i *thought* i was going to rest or game, but instead i had friends to help out... the *idea* of decompression is a tease!
adorable pig in a carriage 
godmother nutrition store mission and an interesting chat over coffee about poetry, fundamentalism and immigration
my first proper hands-free experience ordering delivery in the rain while listening to music 
labor day is awesome
great but early night


great late sleep
selling stuff online
midi 6 strike two
livesafe hydrant
printer frustrations
the forgotten wallet part two
why does everyone keep calling at the same time, when i specifically tagged "text, don't call"? and if the ad is in english, why are you surprised that i don't speak french?
bra shopping
yoga mega-fail
printer man early? he can wait.

hating on rodin after seeing the rest of camille claudel - her descent was one of the most heart-breaking movie scenes i've seen

chores and almost early to bed

today so far:

not much, but still leaving later than desired.


now weighing in on jian ghomeshi - because i have just as much info as the rest of you: i've now "liked" a status defending him because his private life should have nothing to do with his professional, and "liked" another one because the chances of him being unfairly accused by four or five women are pretty slim. now i'm going to ignore all the rest of your posts and be vaguely curious about what the justice system decides. i'm sure future articles will have many more facts and details, and in the meanwhile i have my own business to mind. thanks for filling my feed with his face, i didn't know who he was until now and i still don't really care.

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