Saturday, October 18, 2014


early morning strategy
a crashed party, causing another (quick) fight and then a long talk about ideology and social responsibility 
shopping, a talk with rabbit, resting and cider and a wrap at the tapas bar while preparing for undies

an unfortunate case of bad seating keeping gd from seeing me get up on stage for the first time this festival. great competition and four of us managing to get it right enough to get us into the finals!

link to see the semifinals:
(ours is the second bout, but both bouts are filled with incredible poetry)

our captain's decision to put me up meant one of our team was left in tears. awkward.

undies: my initiation into a secret siblinghood with a piece that didn't get me past the first round but had poets seeking me out to thank me for it ^_^
[the fact that there were no mics and everyone was in a circle made it that much easier to *really* perform]

returning in the middle of the night to an angry miscommunication that was fortunately cleared up quickly, munching and reviewing some pieces and crashing


today: waking up to a surprise nonsensical pain that i'm praying won't distract me from tonight's performance

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