Sunday, October 12, 2014

taking off

friday night dinner fuckup... rescued with great indian
stuffed and tired and deadman wonderland 

a cozy and comfortable saturday morning
shadowrun online - i think i save too much, so far i've reloaded once and only because i didn't realize that chickening out (retreating) doesn't help

entering the clinic behind an older man on crutches who refused help and had to hop three flights of stairs because there're no elevators :/

opera in the waiting room i, for one, welcome our new digital overlords

great doctor, advised against prostate testing before 50 and with very convincing arguments

more shadowrun online a short nap and a pleasant visit to godmother's

vacation shopping (small progressive container!) and more shadowrun online waiting for gd to come home and fight about godmother

[the whole story just sucks]

showering, dinner and travel shopping (irresistible focaccia)

returning the movies two days late and trying to figure out how we both screwed that up

packing until 2am, waking up at 6am

walking in on gd properly cutting her own hair

unstressed final pack and clean and walking out into a gorgeous morning


there goes lunch! :'(
otherwise easy enough, getting through with 45 minutes to spare - odd moment because security dude used to work at my company and i'm wearing their shirt

airport ads on repeat really should be on mute
wired's edward snowden interview really unsettling

switching seat convenient jerk

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