Thursday, October 30, 2014

prematurely ready for the weekend

it's getting even harder to get out of bed now...

gd's forgotten keys really screwing up the morning plan

to the heartless busker: if you're not enjoying the music then we're not going to either

metro evacuation for smoking car... of course...

salt and vinegar chips in lieu of the morning bagel

a whole day of wtf.

it's nice that my manager's super supportive but i really want to be getting on with things and every step i take's raising new obstacles. most of them caused by others' shitty code.

finally back in class! solid, solid class. the dude i pissed off a couple of weeks ago just ignored me, which is cool. i'm feeling all pumped up and ready for tomorrow night :)

[except for the pinching nerve :( ]

even quick shopping takes half an hour, but that's not *so* bad...

a lot of work into a delicious dinner, then downton abbey now that gd's getting into it

... post-victoria frustrations...

suspicions: is the bed bad for me?
quiet, awkward morning

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