Sunday, October 05, 2014

pour your misery down

dark and early on a saturday morning. silversun pickups time.

waking up early to wait half an hour in the rain because the clinic's not on their regular hours and there's no sign to indicate that - plus notoriously bitchy and unhelpful pharmacists

hi! i've come to see a doctor, but first i'd like to wait for as long as possible sharing air with sick people so that i'll really need his services.
repeat business strategy?

blood test bullshit - referrals from a full check-up only??
gd antibiotic irresponsibility anger transforms into resenting handbag designs (see previous post)

umbrella breaking while i was already very busy hating the rain
team meeting minus one
a good section of shadowrun returns, loving it

[me screwing up majorly and making things ugly]

p.m. and ufc night

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