Tuesday, October 14, 2014

opening ceremoniously

love and explosions
slow, exhausted morning
passing so many cool places, settling at wild coffee and bistro

not-sushi delicious but kinda disappointing for not being large quantities of sushi

awesome grocery shopping in victoria (though a tad expensive for montrealers)
uncovering the mysteries of underground victoria part two

rabbit in the wild coffee barrista's headlights

sore hand writing for team chapbooks

awesome opening ceremony... right until everyone's favourite youth laureate el jones. aside from her habit of yelling into the mic, one of her pieces took her usual (justifiably) angry ranting into racist territory. her point was arguably correct, but her expression was essentially hate speech.

gd and me: a surprise big issue that made the words "fighting tenderly" go together

last chance slam: unbelievably high level, sprinkled with one or two omfg-what-craps. not only gd can't deal with the event center's chairs. our new friend from the airport kicked ass all the way into first place :)

hotel room toilet fail. talking deep into the night. sleeping absolutely wonderfully.

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