Wednesday, October 01, 2014

fine, i'll get up...


too many reasons to be late for work, some awesome and some shitty

tristar start to the day
surprising myself with a quick afternoon fruit mission
last minute hope
weather cooldown much appreciated

urgent dirty toilet experience + forced french practice
great team meeting
amazing shower
amazing enormous quinoa salad in spite of the mushy vegetables
deadman wonderland


repeated fights are the worst: "there's dysfunctional, and then there's whatever the hell we are" until 2am. conclusion: we're awesome, but not so much when we're upset

... mid-night awkwardness with surprise water-spill wake-up...

i'd forgotten how hard it is to be a responsible adult when the bed is so cozy and it's chilly outside

early morning excitement from proof of concept

long meeting, finished with someone farting loudly

solid gym hour, feeling good but *worked* - overstretching something?

making real progress on the task i've been struggling to complete for months, so thrilled and exhausted i felt high

two HOURS invested in graphic design for our bandcamp code cards; hurting hand and blurry vision and then... estimated delivery time AFTER we leave?!?! it's a labour of love and hate 

i couldn't have done that at home... suddenly registering 9.20 and i was still in the office :(

a most pleasant evening but me falling asleep on my feet

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