Saturday, October 04, 2014

cleansing? atonement?

ear-worm: moe clark - i find grace

impossible to get out of bed

panic ensemble morning

not sad about not being invited by godmother for the breaking of the fast, a little surprised that neither of us called

urban dictionary finally uses email accounts... after i've deleted mine. google are bastards about deleted accounts. and have no support lines.

12 degrees and too warm for a sweater??

crazy refactoring, finally under serious time pressure with a lot of work to do but i at least know how to do it!

lunchtime shadowrun returns - beautiful! evening too.

"urinoir" bad joke told in public

horseman's bad timing
serious "collations" (snacks)
rice / arsenic danger?

js bindings completely screwing me up 

gd work problems, personal budget problems

orange is the new black in french with mismatched french subtitles

godmother call bad reception no invite and i was super awkward


and on that note: a happy yom kippur to everyone celebrating!

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