Friday, October 17, 2014


wednesday (catharsis day):

in writing, in resting, in bed, in poetry
sheri-d wilson bringing the house down
amazing ramen
an incredible night of slam, one of our weaker performers pulled through but the other dropped us down to third



long sleep and tears in poetry
hiphophypocracy and quick walks to not-coffee
sheri-d safe space and more tears
vegan buffet gorging
giving a war on drugs history lesson to the guy at the headshop
inspiring asian representation
a poetic walk around with coffee and a poetic hotel room break before seeing two AMAZING bouts of slam, some of the hardest, grittiest most beautiful poetry we've ever seen; really making us all want to be better

first real nerves for tomorrow night's "undies" and preparing to go head to head with rabbit

canadian apology washroom

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