Wednesday, September 17, 2014



the disappointing state of html5
employee satisfaction survey during my honeymoon period

walmart pants run and hurrying to join in the ink "fun"

vector coming out the anxiety closet

hac, scrapper, me, vector, and apparently loads of others

it's the guy skateboarding down the steep road carrying a bicycle frame in his hands.

gd ink sensitive and dripping-nose-chihuahua and mom being mom


ear treatment for the first time in... a decade? bed after studying visa payment issues



restless night, sweaty, a song that i think is michael jackson's stuck in my head

a dream involving a lot of driving, then some kind of evangelical church that begins its sundays with electro parties

waking up wrapped in each other's arms - it's getting harder and harder to get up in the mornings

long bank call with hopeful results

ear plaster pull becomes enlightening aubut mission
relaxed lunch / sprint day: mobile flash browser (photon) pushing big junior's buttons but i would have agreed even without results when i saw the ios price

pleasant bank experience, running into mti on the way

super-uncomfortable baton rouge alcoholic beverage misunderstanding so a few delicious sips of kiwi mojito out of the manager's own pocket

super exhaustion (greasy food?) and weirdest boring watching-porn afternoon

leaving late on a considerably more satisfying note

pharmacy and shopping, noticing that my nerves aren't pinching

back home for an all-important night of tidying, showering, eating well and relaxing

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