Sunday, September 28, 2014



good start to the new year, relaxed pretty morning

canada immigration online address change apparently easier than i expected

minor successes

td representative agreeing with me after trying to explain their reasons for spamming to me and giving up

good noon gym session, working hard and stretching

big junior chai peace offerings?
the awkward happy-new-year call from the cleaning lady
js binding frustration when it was just a bug
complex pseudo-progress

twilio app error when i'm in a hurry - injected analytics code by my webhost (000webhost), time to move? they provided a quick fix at least, but so far openshift's looking pretty good

forgotten mention: cotton candy grapes, huh?

not exactly a lovely evening at godmother's, uncle hate exploding (we kissed at the table, but his humiliating us wasn't necessary)  and gd's general alienation (not unlike pg's)


uncovering water mythology - no linger stressing about hydration, though it is important

lip / tooth discomfort

another gorgeous how-summer-should-have-been day

feeling pretty shitty about godmother's

sneezing so hard i hurt myself

flash developers wearing the flash t-shirts

work: failing in new and exciting ways

thrice too early for birthday lunch
fourth time's a charm / half-hour queue

intensely uncomfortable chat with mom

screwy issues until finally... unsuccessful results

last minute recalling dinner's in the fridge, already late and sudden desperation to hit the washroom

walking out feeling... stressed. anxious. not precisely thrilled to enter the weekend / new year

dr greger's awesome in real life, also surprisingly tall. fantastic talk, super-important stuff, and his q&a session demonstrated both the breadth of his knowledge and his humility when he's uncertain

slam team scheduling screwup

sagirl and co and ron abuelo for a cool sidewalk pub evening

gd emotional purge (both of us), no energy for anything else


sleeping in
gearing up for an unpleasant call to godmother

much-needed talk with my mom

the israeli vegan revolution
esther the wonder pig inspiration
agreeing on trigger warnings for animal cruelty images

f***ing berri uqam signage, how the hell did i end up at beaudry instead of mont royal??

chemtrails protesting versus standing up against politicians ignoring court rulings on real environmental issues 

quick panthère
excellent coaching session
chill time waiting for horseman

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