Friday, September 19, 2014

just thursday

groovy start
getting shit done
mom work disappointment and phone / bank hack war declared

what a beautiful, crisp and sunny morning, the last seagulls wheeling their goodbyes and i'm grateful to be alive today

only i'm hating my face as my ear spreads to my beard. timing is everything, i guess it's partially a result of saturday's laser intensity.

it's been a year of decades, i feel. my father's death, and now my first real outbreak since i contracted it ten / eleven years ago. at least i can finally relax about being asymptomatic. i'm clearly not.

meeting room with hotel breakfast muzak
more studying
easy ios update

swiftkey sucks. because privacy invasion with no explanation.

no energy for poetry, gorgeous sunset
pinched nerve returns after a day off

iphone imovie experience pretty impressive!

my little twilio project versus the wolf of wall street. it took me two hours to realize that i was watching an intensely amusing three hour movie that brought absolutely zero added value to my life. five minutes later i'd done something very, very cool.

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